Running Gully

Situated in the south-west of Western Australia and surrounded by stunning giant karri and jarrah trees, this property is very special.

Running Gully comprises 160 acres (64.7 hectares) with a stunning private permanent lake that covers nearly 15 acres and holds over 80,000 kLt of water…(14 million gallons in the old language).

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It is one of the largest private water holdings in the area with licensing from the Waters and Rivers Commission to draw water for crops and the marron ponds.

Running Gully sits at the interface of two distinct ecosystems: jarrah forest and karri forest, and their specific under-storey vegetation which supports many species of wild flowers including many orchids.

Mostly karri loam soils with some small areas of sand and peat. Ideal for vines and small crops including avocado, various fruit trees and truffles.

Manjimup Truffles are now rivalling the French black truffle in world culinary circles and many properties in the area are growing this crop with great success, it has become a major export business for the area. The annual Truffle Kerfuffle has become a very popular event with chefs from all over Australia and the world coming for a weekend of fine local foods and wines.

Located just 2 kms from the small township of Quinninup that has a varied and interesting community as well as the popular tourist town of Pemberton and the main service town and shire centre of Manjimup both only being a short 25 minute drive.

Perth is a 3½ hour drive down through the picturesque towns of Donnybrook and Bridgetown.

Running Gully is one of only 34 properties in WA that is registered with the Wildlife Land Trust of Australia.

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Running Gully is special habitat for many species of flora and fauna with some being endangered such as both the Baudin and Carnaby White-tailed Black Cockatoo as well as the beautiful Red-tailed Black Cockatoo.

These birds frequent the property almost every day with many roosting and breeding on the property.
And a day at the beach is just a 45 minute drive away.

The coast and beautiful beaches of the southern coast are not far away.

The D’Entrecasteaux National Park, which is a significant wilderness area with the stunning monadnock "Mount Chudalup", a huge block of granite reaching 187 metres above sea levels where you can have a 360 degree views of the surrounding forest, heathlands, coast and the magnificent Yeagarup Dunes.

The small village of Windy Harbour, which is well known locally as a great spot for fishing and surfing plus the white sandy beaches of Salmon Beach and Mandalay Beach are all under 60 minutes away and a great day out.

There are three separate access roads to Running Gully. Wheatley Coast Road, Langley Road and Parsons Road

Three road access points provide a number of significant advantages including access for large trucks and equipment via Parsons Road, multiple points of access for potential future subdivision from Langley Road and Wheatley Coast Road which is a sealed bitumen road.


These 3 road accesses also provide an important number of exit points in the event of emergency such as bush-fire.

As Running Gully is such a unique property, we have decide to market the property ourselves using social media and online real estate so as to cast the net far and wide in search of someone who will love, enjoy and share it as much as we have.

We feel this is the fairest way to offer the property for sale and to find a new owner that we are happy to sell to. It is not just about price, though this is important as the funds are our retirement savings, but it is also very important to us that the new owners will nurture the land as new custodians of this property.

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